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Its easy to think the ketogenic diet is the next new fad.  Let me explain why it's not.
 How the Ketogenic Diet addresses
many of the Root Causes of Autoimmunity & why we feel Sick & Tired.
We are facing the biggest Epidemic in human History
Shocking Chronic Disease Rates
Unfortunately, the current healthcare model is a WAIT, WATCH, and then REACT model.  Patients deserve to know how to address the underlying root cause of their symptoms, not to simply be turned away with another drug.  
The Existing Health Care Model
DON'T WAIT FOR A DIAGNOSIS.  Have you ever gone to the doctor for help and been turned away because all of your labs were normal despite you having symptoms?  

THERE'S A LOT OF POWER & MONEY AT STAKE TO KEEP THE SAME HEALTH CARE SYSTEM GOING!  Don't just assume that your standard care is your best care.

THERE IS ANOTHER WAY OUT:  Don't get stuck in an outdated, reactive healthcare model focused on managing symptoms.
There is a REVOLUTION taking place in health care
DISCOVER how the Ketogenic Diet & Lifestyle can address the UNDERLYING ROOT CAUSE of your symptoms!
  • Blood Sugar Issues:  wired and tired all day, sugar cravings, anxiety/depression
  • Inflammation:  foggy brain, weight loss resistance, allergies, pain,  autoimmunity
  • Nutrient Deficiencies:  poor metabolism, poor energy, poor immune function
  • Toxicity & Detox Need:  skin rashes, fatigue, body aches, headaches, constipation
  • Gut Microbiome Issues:  bloating, indigestion, food cravings, weight gain
  • Hormonal Imbalances:  low sex drive, irregular cycles, irritability, up & down
  • Stress:  insomnia, nervousness, depression, anxiety,  poor brain function
Solving the Puzzle of Chronic Disease
We're on a mission to bring you a solution TODAY 
that you probably will NOT HEAR at your doctor visit.  
What I learned in my health care practice
I spent a lot of TIME and MONEY trying to get the bottom of why so many people felt SICK and TIRED.
I started my practice 15 years ago as an acupuncturist.  I was frustrated that I wasn't getting the results I was hoping for.  

It wasn't enough to simply do acupuncture and offer herbs.  It wasn't cutting through the interference caused by our modern world.  Too much sugar, carbohydrates, processed foods, toxins, chemicals, and other environmental stressors were layered on top of each other.  

I was referred to a stellar nutritionist, Mary Ruddick,  and went through her ketogenic program and was transformed.  I absolutely knew I had to bring this solution to my practice and through years of successful patient outcomes, we came together to offer you this course so you could have access to this roadmap for yourself!
Mary Ruddick & Courtney Jonson
We teamed up to offer you a systems based program to guide you STEP-BY-STEP towards a meaningful and solid foundation for the rest of your life.
IMAGINE if you knew how to be 
Your Own Best Doctor!
We've wrapped up all the pearls we've gathered in our combined 25 years of experience working 1-on-1 with patients just like you. 

Our course is divided into 5 modules.  Each module represents one of our biological systems and is divided into lessons.  Lessons walk you through your five core systems, how to get started on a well formulated ketogenic diet, and how to adopt lifestyle therapies to support your gut, your detox system, your hormones, and your mind-body connection.  

All of the course material is summarized in a STEP-BY-STEP FORMAT combined with CHEATSHEETS so you can get started TODAY!  We've got you covered and put all of this in one place for you.  

Discover a customized version of the ketogenic diet alongside a stack of lifestyle therapies designed to step you out of your chronic symptoms and into Health!
Discover our Lectin-Free Ketogenic Course
Systems that Heal
Think about how much easier it is going to be with an ORGANIZED, comprehensive health solution that walks you through how to adopt a Diet and Lifestyle that not only works.... but is sustainable!
Address the Root, Learn the Keys, Live the Solution
Here is what you are going to get...
Systems that Heal - Lectin Free Ketogenic Course
  • Switching over to Ketosis
  • Fasting & the Microbiome 
  • Detox Strategies & How to Live a Detox Lifestyle
  • A Look at Lectins & Healing Leaky Gut
  • Lifestyle Practices to Support Hormone Balance
  • The Psychology & Spirit of Healing, 
Systems that Heal Workbook
Be Your Own Best Doctor
  • Metabolic Assessment & System Surveys
  • Know Your Diagnostic Markers
  • ​Customize Your Macros & Master Your Fats
  • ​Guide to Sourcing Foods  
3 Day Jumpstart & 12 Week Meal Plan
  • Designed to get you into ketosis right away
  • Supports quick detoxification
  • ​A variety of different meal plans
  • ​Ideas for weight loss, weight gain, dairy free, pescatarian
Lectin Free Ketogenic Recipe Book
Go-to-Keto-Diet Book to Nourish Your Body
  • Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners
  • Beverages, Soups, Teas, Juices
  • ​Travel Ideas and Easy Meals
And, on this page only, we're going to include some exclusive bonuses you won't find searching the internet or anywhere else!
Guide to Three Ways to FAST
An introduction to three different ways to implement fasting
  • ​Intermittent Fasting
  • ​Fat Fasting
  • OMAD (One Meal a Day)
Deep Sleep Guide
Mind  Your Sleep Hygeine!
  • Tips & Tricks for Improving Deep Sleep
  • ​Sleep Enhancing Tools
  • ​Evening Routine Example
  • ​Meditation Ideas
Ketogenic Holiday Recipe Guide
Grain-Free, Lectin-Free, and Ketogenic!
  • ​Spice Bread & Cinnabuns
  • ​Cranberry Relish
  • ​ Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes
  • ​Peach and Apple Crisp
  • ​Hot Buttered Rum
  • ​& More!
Favorite Treats and Fat Bombs
Treat yourself to something SWEET & Healthy! 
  • Cardamom Rose Love Bombs
  • Chocolate Truffles
  • ​Maple Bacon Love Bombs
  • ​Healing Ice Cream
  • ​Lemon Meringue Pie
  • ​Cookies
  • ​Chocolate & Vanilla Cake
Organ Meats & Healing BROTHS
Explore and benefit from the world's most nutrious foods!  
  • Meat Broth
  • ​Lectin-Fighting Shellfish Broth
  • Fish Stock (Nourishing for Thyroid Conditions)
  • Beef Broth, Pork Broth, Mushroom Broth
  • @ More!
Guide to Ferments
Get started learning how to make and enjoy your own fermented foods!

  • Beet Kvass
  • Probiotic Carrots
  • Probiotic Ginger
  • ​Probiotic Lemons
  • Kimchi
  • ​Probiotic Hot Sauce
Systems-Based Approach
Optimize Your Nutrition, Fix Your Gut, Balance Your Hormones, Detox Your Body, Calm Your Mind!  
It's time to get Healthy fOR GOOD
limited time offer!
 Money Back Guarantee
Send us your food journal on an online tracking app for your first 12 weeks,
and we will gladly give you your money back!
If not now, when?
Systems that Heal
Don't waste another day living the same way with the same wrong answers.  It's in the details of how you spend your day that can make or break your health outcomes.  

This is not about promotion, it's about attraction.  It's about sharing best practices when it comes to how to align and enable your healing.  Together, we will band together, share the roadmap and live the solution.

We look forward to seeing you inside, 

-Courtney Jonson, LAc., & Mary Ruddick, CNC
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  • ​3 Day Jumpstart Meal Plan #2 Recap and Value ($97 Value)
  • ​12 Week Meal Plan #3 Recap and Value ($97 Value)
  • ​Lectin Free Ketogenic Diet Book #4 Recap and Value ($297 Value)
  • ​Systems that Heal Course Workbook #5 Recap & Value ($97 Value)
  • ​How to Make Your Own Ferments  #5 Recap and Value ($97 Value)
  • ​Guide to Three Ways to Fast #6 Recap and Value ($97 Value)
  • ​Ketogenic Holiday Guide #7 Recap and Value ($97 Value)
  • Deep Sleep Guide #8 Recap and Value ($97 Value)
  • Treats & Favorite ​Fat Bombs #9 Recap and Value ($97 Value)
  • Organ Meats & Broths #10 Recap and Value ($97 Value)
  • Skin & Beauty Care #11 Recap & Value ($97 Value)
Total Value: $2264
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